N-ONE® Box

Years of network experience collected in one box.

Every shipowner wishes for a network that works without maintenance worries – a solution that is stable. Over the years people have tried to achieve stability and security through expensive backup-servers and delegated tasks to different servers.

Such measures has resulted in a number of licenses that require updates and additional monitoring and maintenance. The hardware quickly becomes obsolete and the suppliers swiftly denies responsibility if the guarantee expires.

Expensive hardware investments and expensive operating costs are a reality for many businesses.

N-ONE® is the opposite of the above. N-ONE® is composed of known technologies with a high level of stability and without the option of meddling with the electronics systems and thus compromising the servers efficiency.

N-ONE® is developed for ships with less than 30 users. It can, however, be upgraded to host 100 users by investing in the the N-ONE®-3 without making your N-ONE® obsolete.

N-ONE® – Advantages:

  • No expensive licenses
  • No expensive update subscriptions
  • No expiration of expensive licenses
  • Independence from hardware and software suppliers
  • Quick recovery time in case of e.g. theft, fire, or crashes
  • Has a superbly working network across platforms
  • Same functionalities as previous solutions
  • Thoroughly tested technolgy ensuring stability
  • Top-notch security
  • Will inform you when service is required (no expensive monitoring – requires N-ONE®-link)
  • Automatic backup is possible (Requires N-ONE®-B)
  • Takes very little space
  • low electricity consumption (uses less than 100W)
  • Very little heat discharge
  • Is a small investment

N-ONE® – Disadvantages:

  • Does look as “grandiose” as a room full of servers
  • Has a maximum capacity of 30 users
  • requires the N-ONE®-S module if you need to run SQL
  • Is not made for personal modifications